A list of My Favorites.......

  • soup.....onion soup and at least a dozen others, tomato bisque, mushroom, sauerkraut, gazpacho. vichyssoise, she-crab, clam chowder, ragged parmesan soup, spicy seafood chowder, broccoli-cheese, Mulligatawny, Tom-Kha Gai, love them all
  • sandwich.......why the one in front of me of course, I'm kidding you.  Impossible to pick only one: Cuban, Philly Cheese, Hot Brown, Chicago Italian Beef, BLT, Ruebens, Irish melt, N'awlins Muffuletta
  • comfort food.....pot roast and mashed potatoes
  • serve to company dish......Fish and yellow rice,  Don't scoff, it is very special.
  • pie.....key lime pie.  The Twisted Cork serves a deep fried key lime pie that is awesome.
  • adult beverage.....J&B on the rocks with a twist.
  • breakfast item......Sausage gravy and biscuits tied with corn beef hash ala benedict.
  • splurge food.....Stone crab claws with mustard sauce.
  • holiday food tradition.....New Year's, Pork roast, collard greens, black eyed peas.
  • cake......Oatmeal cake with broiled coconut pecan topping
  • salad......spring greens with maple vinaigrette, dried cranberries and blue cheese crumbles
  • roasted Sunday supper food......Lemon garlic chicken
  • braised food....short ribs in burgundy wine with mushrooms and onions over polenta
  • hot sauce....Siracha, naturally
  • fried food.......oysters in a po'boy!
  • appetizer....chicken liver pate with garlic cheese on water crackers or Dads-breath-killer
  • food disasters....levitating Kahlua cake, exploding chicken crepes, Thanksgiving Turkey in a pair of BVD's
  • food memories....milk toast on the porch with Daddy watching the waves at the old beach house, cooking my first beef bourgignonne at age ten for my mom on Mother's Day, eggy toast with my boy, oyster roasts after beach drag racing, crawfish boils, the three day long Tabasco Fiasco, White House Punch and the bride-to-be in the garbage can!

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