Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day and Long married couples?

Do long married couples celebrate a Valentine's Day? Or is it just another overblown holiday promoted by the card/flower industry? Hype or is there a real feeling behind the holiday? We have not "celebrated" a Valentine's day in years and you know, I am shocked to say this old momma would actually like a flower or card from her hubby. It would be nice, to have that surprise element that newly "infatuated lovers" expend on each other. For years, I told him, it didn't matter...I worked for a card company and I know how programmed and commercialized the simple Sweetheart's day has been made into this huge production. I know you love me, you don't have to spend what we don't have to prove a point. What happened to the simple time spent with your loved one? I know no one should not have a "programmed" date to express your love. There are moments in life that no flower or card on a single day could triumph over the every day. A husband who makes the coffee each and every morning, even though some days he forgets how many scoops he put in the brewer and you could be drinking dishwater or grow-hair-on-your chest coffee. But, except for hospitalizations, this man has brought you a cup of coffee each and every morning for almost thirty years. That is a symbol of true love. I've had romance, I've had been alone, and nothing compares to knowing someone so intimately and loving them beyond the roadblocks and potholes in your road of life. We are a couple and that is that!
But I am woman enough to say, I'd love a rose! I'll make the man his favorite pot roast dinner and let him watch Wheel of Fotune and Jeopardy undisturbed. His idea of a perfect Valentine. LOL

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