Monday, April 28, 2014

A Tomahawk Chop to feed the world....Seared 1200 does it like no other

Seriously, my daughter and her boyfriend went to  Seared 1200 Chophouse last night for their supper.  She came in bearing leftovers.  The box contained so much food that I didn't think they had eaten anything.

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There was a huge chunk of prime rib meat, perfect medium rare, crusted in the most wonderful peppercorn crust.  SEARED!!  They had added a side of the crab and shrimp "Oscar topping" and bearnaise sauce from the twin filets to their Tomahawk.  The rib bone was huge.  It was taken home to a very grateful German Shepherd.  The meat even as a leftover was fantastic.  I don't know how they did the seasoning, but the freshly cracked pepper crust was so good.  Not at all hot, but most beautifully complementary to the meaty goodness of the rib meat.  I have never tasted a bearnaise sauce that was as well prepared as their version.  It was lightly lemon tart, yet creamy, nearly a foam, with just enough anise flavor to keep it interesting.  It was perfection.

So the "kids" had the yummy house salads, the Tomahawk, the Oscar topping, those good dinner rolls, a nice bottle of wine and it was $128.00 without tip. They sat at the bar and watched the kitchen action.

Considering, I didn't get the full dinner experience, I feel a little weird writing a review.  However, since my darling daughter saw fit to share the wealth and it was "good,"  I can justify the post.  I trust her judgement, her boyfriend is a chef and when they visit a restaurant repeatedly, I'm in.

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