Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jack's London Grill ~ Not a Call of the Wild spot

Jack's London Grill is a spot-on nice pub and grub.  Cold beer, hot fish and chips, roast beef sliders, Scottish eggs, great onion rings and good service makes this family happy.   Add a fun game of trivia and the night becomes even more enjoyable.Jacks London Grill on Urbanspoon

Located on north 62nd Avenue North, just off 10th Street, (St. Petersburg) in a nondescript closed Pizza Hut.  Jack's London Grill has quickly become a delicious addition to the pub scene.  The decor is comfortable, the lighting is dim, the TV's in the corner are set to the sports channel.  The waitresses are sincere and caring.    The menu is dominant with the favorites from over the pond.  There are specials offered nightly.  I want a Sunday visit for Yorkshire pudding and Roast beef....emphasis on the Yorkshire pudding.

My grumpy spouse wanted to go out desperately and was going to give me his regular directive "not too far from home, two miles tops."  I'm designated driver and I get to choose, dear heart.  That's how I roll.  We put the top down on the convertible and I headed due north.  He started to complain once we passed Tropicana Field...whine, "Where are we going?"   Shush, honey, you'll like it.

We chose a comfy booth.  Looking over the menu, I was immediately drawn to the fish and chips.  A personal favorite because I don't fry at home.  Our waitress gave us the specials of the night.  Fred was drawn to the 12 ounce sirloin with mushrooms, spuds and gravy.    We had to start with a couple of appetizers of course.  We ordered the Scottish egg with mustard and a couple of Roast beef sliders.  They were served quickly and were yummy.  The roast beef was delicious and tender.  The roll was fresh and tasty.
 Fred was very happy with his first Scottish egg.
 The tempura light battered onion rings were half price and we added an order to our dinner order.  The onion rings came with a Thai chili sauce that was a nice change of pace.  Our beers were cold and swiftly refilled by the staff.

My fish and chips were delectable.  The fish was huge and curled up nicely over a pile of thick cut chips.

Fred enjoyed his sirloin with spuds and the mushroom gravy was too die for.

After the appetizers and entrees, you would think we would have sense enough to stop there.....but no, as professional chow hounds, we had to try dessert.  Fred had to have the chocolate mousse...and I was enamored with a red wine poached pear.  Freshly unsweetened whipped cream was the perfect garnish to bring down the intense chocolate.  I will have to try the bread pudding (apple & cranberry)next visit.

Prices were very reasonable, the food was good, the atmosphere while a tad spartan, was warm and comforting because of the friendly staff.  Of course, the Tuesday night trivia game was an added bonus.  We stayed to listen to the questions and had a blast with the trivia host.  Much fun to be had by all present.
To quote Ah-nold, we'll be back.

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In a former life time I was known as "Tina, the Tourguide."  Maybe I gained my nickname because of my penchant for telling 'people where to go' or maybe not.   My former employ as a resort front desk manager allowed me to indulge in tasting, trying and then recommending restaurants for our diverse base of guests. It was the favorite part of my job....investigating what was new, what was popular and what would be a good fit for the diner.  I was not compensated then or now for my dining choices, it is purely my personal opinion on finding the best tasting restaurants, value or splurge, family or intimate to recommend to either guests or friends.  That being said, I do have a personal bias to the old St. Pete establishments as a life long resident of a city I love.  I am drawn to visit and review the places that have been re-vitalized into something new from my recollections.


  1. We tried it this afternoon largely based on your exceeded expectations at every turn. I haven't been much of a British Pub food fan in the past, but apparently that's because it hasn't been well prepared anywhere I've tried it before. Everything was fresh-tasting, thoughtful, nicely presented and obviously prepared to order. Chef came out to check on us personally and was quite affable and forthcoming about his methods. We had two entrees, an order of onion rings (awesome sauce with those) a dessert and two beers apiece and the bill was under $50 (the Mister was thrilled as this rarely happens! lol).

  2. I'm so happy you had a good meal. It's my birthday today. I might need to hint that I want to go to Jack's and have the daily special. I know UD would love those onion rings.

  3. Happy birthday, my dear! I think you and I may have been foodies separated at birth, we're so much universally in agreement. *smooches*