Thursday, May 1, 2014


So okay, there are moments when this overworked mother and underpaid family nurse is just too overwhelmed to cook, what is a mother to do?   A).  dress for real dinner out.  Tight shoes, are you frikkin kidding me?  B). face another generic take-out pizza delivered barely warm and just barely edible with too much salt and too much fat?  C). Or if I had the stamina and energy to exhume a freezer dinner by me, can you believe that I not have enough energy to reheat?   Have you ever had a day that the effort of bathing is an aerobic exercise?  I'm just whipped and ready to call it in. Tired meet Tina, Tina meet Tired.

727Foodnow offers a great selection of restaurants that for an amount a bit bigger than nominal fee + tip, you can have a fresh hot delivery of good food to your very own front door that is not the pizza norm.

We have successfully ordered from a number of the restaurants for our zip code. The food has ALWAYS arrived in a timely manner.  We have never had a misorder where we received some one elses' dinner.  The only misfire we had was from Gratzi where the seafood the linguine pescatore that was way past the seafood prime.  It was so fishy and repellent that I gagged.  727FoodNow gave us an immediate credit.  It has been a great service when you do not want to do the norm.  I'm not lazy, believe me,  I routinely cook marathon days of investment cooking, saving meals by freezing or do ahead prep.  Bulk food cooking is  my specialty.  I am proud of my cooking days and we happily eat for weeks off from my advance preparation.  However, sometimes life is so overwhelming that the home delivery service is God sent....and I have routinely used 727FoodNow as our only option to cheese and crackers.

Convenience is expensive, but there are times that convenience trumps cost.
An illness in the family, a house remodel, a schedule that can't be adjusted, "I'm just too tired" are all the reason to justify our 727FoodNow one has ever rejected the food when presented.  We have ordered enough to know what is a value and what is not worth the need to choose.  There are many options and all should be applauded for adding this service to their options.

I would recommend  727 Food Now as a momma's best secret friend.

Take the hand offered, even if you don't know the need, yet.

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