Friday, December 16, 2011

Good Times to be had at Good Times

It was a long time between visits to the Good Times restaurant.  Our recent visit was infinitely better than our first visit 28 years ago.

Good Times Continental Rstrnt

(727) 867-0774

1130 Pinellas Bayway S Map
Tierra VerdeFL 33715

Good Times Continental Rstrnt on Urbanspoon Why was it better?  BECAUSE we were better customers.  Our first visit so long ago was an unmitigated disaster of a date.   The food was probably just as great then as it was this night.  However, I can't remember the food, only the fight we had during dinner so long ago.  What a shame to allow a bad argument over a silly comment keep us from going back to the Good Times Continental Restaurant.

It was a blast of the past when we entered the restaurant.  There is a nice entrance and the lovely round bar area with a quick glimpse into the kitchen.  We were seated quickly as a walk-in table.  The restaurant was filled with tables of many ages.  The air in the room was celebratory.  Our host and hostess (Marie and Sid) were gracious and very charming.    There are lace curtains and wood paneling very reminiscent of your favorite aunt's dining room.  It is not a cutting edge kind of place.  It is a warm hug from the moment you walk in and to the moment you leave.

We started our meal with a few beers, Hacker Pschorr and a Pilsner.  The menu is definitely "old school"
European classics.  My husband chose the stuffed mushrooms.  They were delicious and hand's down the very best stuffed mushroom we have tried in a long time.  Flavorful and filled with tender meat and herbs.
I chose the escargots and they were fantastic.  Bubbly hot, garlic overload and the snails were a lovely texture, not the rubbery overcooked misfortunes we have encountered elsewhere.

Entrees come with a cup of housemade soup and either a small salad or the heavenly cucumbers topped with a mild sour cream sauce.  I can't show you the cups of soup from this evening.  We inhaled our soup.  It was a mushroom potato soup.  It was so very good.  (And those that have tried my homemade mushroom soup, know that I'm a tough critic).    The cucumber are sliced paper thin, salted, patted dry and dressed with the simple sour cream.  Do yourself a favor and order the cucumbers.  They are "that" good.

Fred chose the classic schnitzel for his entree.  He raved over the crisp coating and tender meat.  The lyonnaise potatoes were browned beautifully and just as delicious.  He couldn't finish plate and was plotting a breakfast of schnitzel and over easy egg in the morning.

I had the evening's special of Goulash with egg noodles.  It was incredibly good.  The meat was fork tender and packed with paprika flavor.  I ate every single morsel, each bite a revelation of savory meaty goodness.

Our plates were graced with a perfectly cooked butter stalk of broccoli and a bit of tomato and red onion.  
Dinners also have a good fresh rye bread served with foil wrapped pats of butter.   It was a lovely dinner.

Next time, we visit the Good Times we will share an appetizer, enjoy our entrees and leave room to have dessert.  We couldn't try any of the sweets we saw being served to other tables because we were just to full to try.  We agree this was a wonderful delightful supper.  Our server was swift and competent.  The prices were a bit over what we usually spend on a night out, but the quality of the food, charming service more than make up for the expense.  And yes, there will be a next time and it won't be a 28 year lull in between visits.  This meal certainly erased any hurtful memories and it has succeeded in reminding us that a.) we were meant to be together despite a rocky romance at the start,  b,) good food can satisfy and cure what ails you.

We enjoyed our night out immensely and the food was delectable.  A treasure hidden out on the island of Tierra Verde.  Two thumbs up!  

Restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday.  They only accept cash.  Be forewarned. They are closed for the holidays for the week between Christmas and New Years. Call ahead to confirm.  

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