Friday, December 16, 2011

Raucous Cody's Original Roadhouse

Cody's Original Roadhouse
4360 Park Street North
St Petersburg FL  33710

This place was rocking and rolling!
Walked in on a Wednesday night and it was packed.  Hostess was quickly handling the heavy traffic load, going in and coming out.  The half hour wait was tolerable with the cold beer and strong vodka and tonic.  
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The Marines were there, with a Toys for Tots Drive.  It was nice to see this effort being made for the less fortunate kids in our area.  It was so busy there I could easily see management denying the Toys for Tots Drive for the inconvenience factor alone, but they did not.  Very Cool, Cody's.

Mary was our waitress, she was swift and efficient.  We asked for a double order of salad to start our meal with and she was quick to accommodate.
Rare New York Strip
First Cold Prime Rib
Dressing was a touch more watery than usual.  There were some huge chunks of red onion that ended up in the bowl and I'm glad we avoided them. Our dinners arrived very quickly.  My NY strip steak ordered "medium rare' came out rare.  Hubby's gargantuan prime rib was almost cold.  We asked for it to be heated and the perfect looking prime rib was whisked away.  It returned very fatty and still quite cool.  It was disappointing to say the least.  We refused to wait for a second re-fire of the meat.  He trimmed a bit away to eat and we brought the rest home to give to Charlie Brown (our resident eating machine). 
Second cold prime rib remains
 Alex, the manager, kindly gave Fred a complimentary piece of cheesecake for his dessert.   Fred two-fisted that dessert and refused to share.  And as you can tell, he enjoys his cold mug of beer.  All in all, I usually enjoy my meal at Cody's but I will avoid the restaurant when it is that busy.  Trying to turn tables as quickly as they could, the food suffered in execution.   When our boy, Tyler was alive, Cody's baked sweet potato with cinnamon butter was his very favorite meal.  So Cody's has a soft spot in my heart and I'll forgive them this rare unfortunate meal.

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