Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I will Tap DANCE my way to the Tap room at the Hollander again and again

A unique boutique hotel in St. Petersburg, wonderfully restored and delightfully refurbished, The Hollander on Fourth Street is a beautiful addition to the burgeoning glory of my favorite downtown.  The former Bond hotel has like a phoenix has risen to new glory.

Hollander Hotel
421 4th Avenue North
St Petersburg, Fl 33701
Notyourmomma's Kitchen Tampa Bay restaurants

The Tap Room at the Hollander is a great addition to our lively downtown scene. The Tap Room offers many craft beers and cocktails that pair beautifully with a menu of sliders, sandwiches, small plates to share.  There is enough diversity on the menu to please any palate.  The Tap Room is adjacent to the Hotel lobby and the decor is eclectic.  There is a lovely long porch with a brick facade that is perfectly suited to our year-round comfort.  The outdoor seating is pet-friendly and water bowls are provided for our four- legged friends.  An organic coffee shop, Brew D Licious,  features a daily grind is part of the Hotel package experience.   Check the Tap Room at the Hollander website for the many different entertainment options featured nightly, i.e. trivia playing, piano stylings, open mike night etc.

Don't get between this man and his fried mac and cheese.

There are some wonderful featuring gin and cucumber!  So wickedly good.  The craft beer list is long and varied.
No lie, a one lb. meatball stuffed with cheese

That beauty shot of the one lb. meatball fed Fred for two days.  Seriously he had to take the leftovers home and he ate the rest as a sandwich.
Cuban Quesadilla with mustard sauce

Absolutely a wonderful marriage of cuban and quesadilla, why didn't I think of this before?  The sauce is delicious and the crispy flour tortilla is a perfect carriage to get the pork and ham/cheese filling to your mouth.  
A pretty daughter with a plate of fried wonton!
A jalapeno wonton is a fun spicy update of the cream cheese version.  Nice to share with a table of friends. Same to be said of the cuban quesadilla, seen above. 
Perfectly crispy crunchy crust on a creme brulee
Missing the beauty shots of the daughter's hummus wrap, suffice to say, it was a delightfully veggie friendly meal for the kid.  My trio of sliders were very nice, if a bit on the small side.  But after the surplus of appetizers, a smallish entree of yummy sliders is enough.  Plus we had to have the creme brulee.  We ordered the last one of the evening and it was good enough to convert the kid to a creme brulee fan.  

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