Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Karma hit my Dogma, miscellaneous musings on a long day.

I'm putting another napa cabbage and bok choy on my list for tomorrow.  I ate kim chee every day for lunch last week and I have to have more for next week.  It is Tyler Florence's low carb kim chee.   However I  have  in the frig, two big jars

Have to make a roast beef so we can have giardiniera on beef sandwiches.....hmmm, maybe I can McGuyver it into a sandwich Fred would like.  It's a thought. Toasted onion buns, roast beef and giardiniera...a little melted muenster. That would be worth a try.  I wonder if I could use giardiniera as a pizza topping?

SuperBowl at work was fun.  It was slower than Christmas Day.  Apparently football reigns supreme and people don't worry about their credit cards when there is a game on,  The company gave us subs from Publix, popcorn, cookies and sodas.  One of the supervisors made chocolate covered strawberries with football lacing in white icing,  so good!! They put two sheets up on the wall and streamed the football game so we could watch.  They didn't do any of this last year.  I didn't win any of the raffles.  But I did get to collect my overtime gift cards and that was a nice help with the budget.  The worst holiday of the year is coming soon.  St Patrick's Day is a nightmare.  The volume of lost card calls is incredible.  All the wannabe Irishmen that can't handle their p's and q's.

Angie did my nails purple and lavender with leopard spots and bits of gold adornment and a pretty gold polish.  My toes are bright teal.  Angie gave me another lovely pedicure...ten dollars.  I soaked my toes, she trimmed my nails, pushed back the cuticles, polished them...rubbed on oils and lotions to my legs  She was so worried about how swollen my feet are....they were lobster red in the hot water soak.  Really, just give us a vat of drawn butter and there you have the visual.  Honestly, she is worth more than she is paid.  She charges me 35.00 for nails and toes.  I haven't missed an appointment in two years and I am a loyal Angie customer unlike her other customers.  She gets tipped very well.

Liv and Scotty had lunch at one of the beach shacks and brought home peel n eat shrimp in Old Bay seasoning and wings that are AWARD WINNING.  They were crispy in parmesan, garlic and hot sauce.  Yummy to both of them.  I've told the family, it is scrounge night....if they want it, they can buy it, or find it.  I'm going to bed.

The house next to us is in foreclosure (the mean neighbors that threatened to beat my husband to a pulp, right after he got out of a 3 month hospital stay).  The bank has the yard men coming at 7:00 a.m. to mow the lawn and do the upkeep. They woke Liv and me far too early today and I'm still cranky.  Liv is only slightly less cranky.  I can see our neighbors point about barking dogs disturbing your sleep, mea culpa. It is no fun but not enough to kill the dogs which they threatened to do or to light off firecrackers and toss them over the fence to scare our dogs which they did do.  This is the neighbor who after she realized how compromised Fred is intellectually from the strokes, seizures and coma sent over a meal for us.  And she taught me how to brine and barbecue a phenomenal chicken.  They hated my dogs and I get upset at the yard man. Karma strikes again. Tit for Tat.

Then, we had the mystery woman on our front porch from two weeks ago. She was sitting on our purple bench, unable to speak, barefoot in freezing cold.  She could not say her name or tell us who she was.  We called the police to help find her family.  Don't you know we found out it was the wife of the neighbor behind us. (the vindictive one who tore down our mutual back fence in one day because we didn't cut down our 200 year old pine upon his request)  The wife that was so nasty to us for years was sitting on our porch in the freezing cold and didn't know she was a house away from her home.  I never would have recognized her, disheveled and barefoot.   Her husband came by to say thank you for getting her home.  He never knew she had left the house and was wandering the neighborhood.  He was very grateful for her safe return.  And that tree he said he would pay to cut down.......could be transplanted and it is worth several thousand dollars.  He would have collected a mint off of our tree.  Karma strikes again, Tit for Tat.

It looks like Fred and I are the bad neighbors, or is it just bad luck to have had two out of three that drive you crazy where we live now.  In our old neighborhood, we had such a congenial mix that we remain friends to this day twenty years later.  It was a remarkable neighborhood and our parties were  legendary.  Christmas decorating was competition (I had seven trees in 1100 square feet of house) The house kitty korner to us had tours of their decorations and there wasn't on inch of their house that didn't reflect Christmas, Debbie had her house decorated like a ginger bread house, complete with a candy garland we made along the eaves.  (Sprite bottles wrapped in cellophane twist looks like giant candy, plastic disposable plates painted in red/white peppermint swirls made a great garland) Halloween was a block party, creepy food, spooky music and a keg of beer, Easter was Brunch picnics and egg hunts (400 eggs for 20 children) and of course, when the neighborhood would flood we were the goofs that pulled out the canoe to paddle to the next house for booze,  Oh my, don't forget our theme parties around mysteries.  We loved do the parties where everyone dressed in period costume, did a pot luck supper and tried to solve the mystery.  So much fun.

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