Monday, June 17, 2013

Meet our unsinkable Molly Brown

It is long well past time to introduce you to our newest family addition.  Molly Brown, a new companion to our irrepressible Charlie Brown.   Miss Molly joined us a year ago December.  She is a rescue pup from Pet Pal Animal Shelter.  I had been scanning the dog photos for months after we lost our Ollie, and Molly's face was haunting me,  I was so hoping that The Mister would not object to a new furry friend and we could give Molly a good home.

Molly is about 55 lbs and was one and a half years young when she joined our family.  She is a Hungarian Vizla mix.  She is a smaller lighter version of Charlie Brown.

We kept the moniker given by the Pet Pal staff.  Something about a rescue dog named Unsinkable Molly Brown tickled my fancy.

Our Charlie Gibson Brown is a gift from a dear family friend, who had to find a home for a tiny pup because of family allergies.  Charlie Gibson Brown (yes, I picked his middle name after my longtime imaginary affair with the esteemed Charles Gibson of GMA fame).  He is soon to be four years old and is a dear mix of Labrador, Vizla and a smidge of Dane.  Yes, I did a DNA test on him, only because of his unfortunate coloring that screams Pit bull to people.  He is a strong dog weighing about 85 lbs. at present.  

Chsrlie and Molly did not have a love fest in the first few weeks of companionship.  As a matter of fact, I have a damaged nail bed and The Mister had to have seven stitches when we found out how possessive Charlie could be over a toy.  The Mister was the unfortunate recipient of a bite.  We have since learned to keep toys and bones apart with no ill effect to dog or family.  
This is a joint picture of the culprits who managed to snag two full boxes of peanut butter cookies and eat every single one.  
Obviously conspiracy between furry friends is an issue.
Molly came to us scared and terrified of noises and affection.  She did not like looking you in the eye and she avoided direct eye contact for long time.  Eventually she came around and has become the sweetest dearest dog...with a penchant for stealing food.

Nothing is sacred left on the counter and she can stretch those limbs and neck to snag whatever she fancies.  It is harder to train the humans in the house to put the food out of her reach than it is to prevent her thievery.  

Shoes have become another victim of her puppy years and shoes have been punctured with teeth marks and some including those never out of the box have met their demise in her effort to calm herself.   She does not like to be alone and longs for her human companions.  
Charlie ate remotes and cell phones and she has a penchant for leather.  Eventually the humans in the house have learned to crate the dogs and put desirables out of reach.  

Pet Pal Rescue is a wonderful organization and they do so well with their adoptees.  Please visit Pet Pal and do a furry one a favor and give it a forever home.

Mollycita as we affectionately call her now, is a cherished family dog.  She and 
Charlie have a blooming love affair and are inseparable.  They wrestle, they run, they cuddle, they lounge together and they sleep side by side, mirroring breaths and snores.  They are wonderful dear dogs.  

Skippy and friends begging for a treat from The Mister.  No way Jose, it is pulled pork.
Got to love her.

Ollie (RIP) kept me alive after our son Tyler died.  Ollie never stopped loving me and licked away all my tears.  He never left my side for two years, and his steadfast gaze into my heart kept me sane when grief was too much to bear.  His loss was huge and I needed a dog to love me as unconditionally as Ollie did.  Thank goodness Molly joined our crew.
Charlie and Molly wrestling away caused me to hit my head hard enough on the book case to end up with a bad concussion.  I was laughing and trying to avoid all 120 lbs. of tumbling dog and got hurt.  That injury revealed the tangle of blood vessels and possible brain tumor.  I am grateful for their rambunctious play, because I got the right treatment and am no worse for the wear and tear.  I am truly grateful for their play and exuberance to keep me smiling and enjoying my furry loves.  Amazing how the love of a dog can be a spiritual healing in so many ways.  They are forgiving and love unconditionally, a trait that humans would be urged to emulate.  

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