Thursday, June 13, 2013

To TacoSon or Not? That is the question?

Emphatically yes, if you are into a casual tasty meal that is cut above the standard of usual TacoBells in the world.  (There is a place for a Taco Bell, and it usually falls well after midnight and 4 a.m.)  Our food at TacoSon was delicious.TacoSon on Urbanspoon

Sonoran dog, wrapped in bacon and fried potatoes

The Mister and I stopped by TacoSon after a visit to our local Home Depot.  The trunk of the convertible was stuffed with greenery and items for the entry re-do.  After all that laborious shopping we were in no mood to go home and cook.  Fortunately, the TacoSon sign beckoned.  I think the idea of a cold beer enticed the Mister to stop.  Needless to say, if he can't have a cervesa, he will not stop for food.   I was just happy he agreed to stop.
That is our appetizer of shrimp and octopus in a ceviche tomato lime sauce.  It was served with fresh hot tortilla chips and wedges of lime.  It was fresh, spritely, and delicious.  We ate every single bite.

You order at the counter and the staff will bring the food to your table.  There is a nice mix of banquettes, tables, tall bar style tables and a few tables with umbrellas outside.  All is spotless and the staff is quick to clean a table and sweep the floor.  The staff was also quick to answer questions and offer a taste of the "meat of the day" should you desire a try before you buy.    The Mister had a huge wet burrito covered in the signature cheese sauce, it was stuffed with rice, beans, chicken, salad and avocado.  Rolled and topped with the fresco cheese sauce.  It was enormous and The Mister took half of it home for a late night snack.

I want to give the tamales a try soon.  That burrito haunts The Mister's dreams.  Yes, in answer to the question, To TacoSon or Not?  Emphatically YES!


  1. I agree with The Mister - no cervesa, no alto.

    I have missed your reviews - glad you are back.

    1. New job and lots of OT. Thanks JR. I've been working very hard and have had little time to even think, but fortunately, I'm getting back in the groove. I still read your posts and love your joint adventures with Sweet Polly and UD. All the best to you and the Belle.