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This Little Red Engine #09 is a burgermeister's find

We love driving down Central Avenue, 1st Ave North and 1st Ave South from 4th Street to the east and to the west as far as 28th Street in a zig zag loop between the streets.  You can find many start ups and independents springing up in unlikely places.  Beach Drive may have the movers and shakers with BUZZ but there is food just west of the Drive that is worthy a visit in search of good eats.   It is ever so much more fun in The Mister's blue convertible than our staid coach of yore.  There is something to be said for mid to later life crisis purchases, there are some splurges that please more than others.  A convertible beats a mini-van hands down.
The Van Helsing
Roasted Jalapenos, roasted garlic, bacon crumbles and pepperjack cheese

While we relish our leisurely stroll to memories past, forever connected to our first convertible/cars and linked reverently to American Band Stand appearances, Chubby Checker twist contests, the ever-present greasy spoon diner on the corner with burgers and shakes, long before the ubiquitous Golden Arches or ilk, was our Mothers' milk.

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The Mister was weaned on Philly cheesesteaks and I was raised on El Cap's, Chattaway's, and Biff Burgers. The Mister and I share a love of burgers, especially good burgers.  I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a burger today.  There is nothing "wimpy" about Engine #09 and their offerings.  The restaurant is oddly shaped and the frontage seems to face the wrong direction from the parking, but that matters little once inside and comfortably ensconced in the clean bright red booths.
Golden fried wings in sriracha sauce

The menu is long on inventive burger combinations and a fine selection of brews.  There is a creative mind behind the burger creations.  Some are drool inducing just upon reading and equally as delicious when consumed.  Fresh beef patties cooked to order and topped with a myriad of toppings that sing in Epicurean harmony. I tried the Van Helsing and it was a mess to eat but oh so good.  Next one I want to try is the Borderline, avocado, smoked pancetta, roasted cherry peppers, pepperjack cheese and chipotle mayo.  Wowser!  The Mister can't resist the lure of a burger named the Wine-o, 8 ounces of prime beef, topped with red wine barbecue sauce, white cheddar, bacon and fried onions  .Hot dogs and Wings fare equally as well with inventive pairings.  The wings with a Sriracha toss were delicious. The Calamari Fries were just awesome. cut differently than the ubiquitous rings and fried delicately!  We were delighted with the many menu options, chili to gumbo and Sriracha Salmon to Chicken Pasta. There are entrees that will warrant inspection, the braised short ribs and  a veggie mushroom risotto.  The Brew menu did contain enough of The Mister's favorites and allowed me to venture forth with new pairings.
Calamari Fries

We had a delightfully wonderful late lunch and while the numerous TV's were visible but they were  muted for lack of a game, thankfully, allowing convivial discourse.  We could see the positives for prime Sports viewing, premium noshing and drinking at Engine #09.  You won't see me trying the Ghost Burger Challenge anytime soon.  Yes, I AM TOO WIMPY but you can count on a repeat visit for the many other options offered and we will gladly pay today for the burger in front of us.

Bacon cheese burger

Fine service, delicious offerings. clean bright decor, all in all a positive.
Caprese Salad

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