Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fabulous Gem of a Restaurant ~ 9 Bangkok

I have witnessed a miracle. The Mister tried a sushi roll from 9 Bangkok and declared it good. In twenty eight years, he has devoutly refused all things Thai or Sushi and today, he tried some and he liked it. The Mister liked it. I'm so happy.
9 Bangkok (727) 894-5990 Downtown St Petersburg 571 Central Ave St Petersburg, FL 33701 We have tried to entice him before and he has refused all entreaties and manners of lovely preparations with a sneer. Today, I brought home take-out from 9 Bangkok. The Universe shifted, you know what froze over and all is well in our household. 9 Bangkok on Urbanspoon By far, even in a white styrofoam container, this was superior food. Every bite exhibited care and perfect execution. I love the perfect pleats on the tops of the crab rangoon. The filling was flavorful and quite good.
The order of Kanom Jeep, dumplings stuffed with chicken and shrimp was very yummy. The Mister liked them very much.
Next up was the satay with a peanut sauce and a crisp sweet pretty cucumber salad. I had to fight to get a taste.
My personal favorite was the Lab Neua Thai Salad. I didn't share any of this with the Mister. A lovely cooked ground beef with lime juice, chili, and scallion over a bed of romaine and chopped red peppers. The tart pungent sauce with the warmed beef over the crispy romaine was delicious. It had enough heat to make me very happy.
I over ordered and the bowl of Tom Kha Gai is in the refrigerator for tomorrow's lunch. We were staring down two sushi rolls and were getting full. The soup of chicken, galanga, mushroom, lime juice in a coconut milk broth will a perfect lunch for tomorrow's painting project.
Finally, the piece de resistance of the evening. Two perfectly presented rolls in a disposable box. Still done with care and lovely to look at and even more lovely to eat. The Red Dragon is fried shrimp, with scallion, tuna, avocado on top with spicy mayo. The Futomaki is Krab, tomago, carrot, asparagus, radish and avocado. I loved the crunchy pretty veggie mosaic in the Futomaki. The fried shrimp tail extended from each end of the Red Dragon roll was superb. My dear dear husband could not resist trying a bite of each and went back for a second bite. Nothing could have surprised me more. I won't have to fight to go eat Thai any more as long as we go to 9 Bangkok. Thank you dearly for such care and lovely food. It was a true pleasure to eat and very enjoyable. The prices were phenomenal for the portions and I highly recommend their food.
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