Friday, January 20, 2012

Talk about a couple of broads....

So, what do you think of Paula Deen announcing she has type II diabetes and has been diagnosed for years and kept it secret. She is only just announcing her disease after she is getting paid oodles and oodles of money to promote a diabetes drug according to Tony Bourdain. He called her the worst thing to ever happen to the cooking public and some other not so nice things. She said, "I never told anyone to eat my cooking 365 days a year." She is a millionaire many times over and has truly become a "brand" instead of her own true self. I'm a recovered Paula fan. The constant promotion and empire building aspect made me crazy. I love her early older shows, before the cackle and mania became a caricature of the lovely Southern woman. And, excuse me Tony, before you call the kettle black, let's investigate some of the swoon worthy orgasmic food, you have fat, foie gras etc. No better for you than a Southern biscuit and butter.
Did anyone watch Betty White's 90 Birthday bash and her old people punking young people last week? She had me in hysterics. So funny. She is a funny broad, in the finest sense of the word. I would love to have that sense of humor and delightful sharp twinkle in my eye as she does. She certainly does not take herself so seriously as to forget who she is. Betty keeps it real. I applaud her spunky and slightly naughty self.

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