Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Bathroom Project

John and Roberta were touring their brand new house. It was a house that Roberta had paid for with her money, a fact of which she constantly reminded John. In each room of the house she said to her husband: "John, if it were not for my money, we would not be here." John didn't say a word. That afternoon a truck delivered a load of new furniture... furniture which Roberta paid for with her money. After the furniture was in its place, they toured the house again. As they observed each room, beautifully appointed and magnificently decorated, Roberta reminded her husband: "John, if it were not for my money, this furniture would not be here." Again, John was silent. Late in the afternoon another truck came with a special piece of furniture which was to be the focal point of the family room. It was a combination stereo-television-computer center all wrapped into one gorgeous piece of furniture. Roberta paid for it with her money. When it was in place, Roberta again said: "John, if it were not for my money, that beautiful electronics system would not be here." Finally, John spoke: "Honey, I don't want to make you feel bad, but... if it were not for your money, I wouldn't be here either!"
Ummm, that would be the role reversal in this house. Fred says, "If it weren't for my Aunt Ruth.....this wouldn't be here" True. Thank you Aunt Ruth and Grossmom Naomi for the blessings we have received.
Note the lovely window propped open with a can of hair spray. Classy, huh?
Green laminate, original floor and toilet from 1974 when the house was built. Can you say water guzzler? Silver and brass fixture upgrade from the 80's. Dang, Fred could you have at least flushed the toilet before you snapped the before picture????
Yeah, vessel sink. purchase! A steal of a deal.
Flooring was an issue. I ordered the wrong color online and could not be returned. Major issue. It was supposed to be darker. It is a wood look tile and we had it set on the diagonal and it looks like basket weave. Kenny did a great job. I wish I could find his invoice to give his business a shout out. He deserves the recognition.
Next up, wallpaper. Ordered my gorgeous scrubbable prepasted paper from Steve's Wallpaper and Blinds. They were awesome and helped me figure the square footage. Found a wallpaper genius through Service Magic. McGowen Enterprises. He did an awesome job with the wallpaper in 3 hours.
Justin Pierce did the granite work and built the custom niche in the where the old rusty medicine cabinet was previously installed.
New window with low-e argon and easy slide. Bamboo shade from, decorative accessories from Walmart, HomeGoods and Marshalls. Refaced cabinetry, oil stained bronze bath accessories from, black granite with gold fleck installed and it is almost done. Majestic new low-flow throne from American Standard. Easy to clean and a water saver. We are missing the baseboards. I might never see them if left up to Fred's time frame. I'll see the baseboards when pigs fly, I suppose.
Trying to figure out a towel color. Taupe is too grey, yellow is too light, orange is...objectionable to hubby and child. Who will win this battle?
Please tell me what do you think? I love the result and am so happy with the way it came together. And to think the bath inspiration came from a visit to a restaurant, Habana Cafe!!! Gotta love a hubby who drags you into a men's room to take a look.
"Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation." ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


  1. It looks wonderful! So happy for you :-)

  2. Thanks honey. I love every bit of it. Now, if we got the baseboards. LOL on the Freddie to do list.