Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Perils of homeownership!

Well, we woke to a flood. A water heater that had lived long past it's working date. Water poured out of the laundry through the wall and into the garage. Thank goodness, we had cleaned out the garage or we would have had boxes and boxes of soaking wet junque! My resident hoarder is happy, he didn't have to clean up that kind of mess.
We had a couple of boards in Fred's room suffer the consequence of the flood and the threshold popped off from the influx of water. We need to get that part of the floor fixed. I'm scared to see what might be in his closet and have yet to venture in there to inspect for damage. A million thanks to Johnnie Jones Plumbing for getting here quickly with a new water heater. Yes, it is expensive and unexpected, but then this entire remodel has been fraught with over-runs, unexpected add-ons and budgeting issues. All in all, we virtually have a new house. I did point to the water heater the other day and told Fred, "that is the only thing we have not replaced in this house?" Do you think the house gremlins heard me and responded to my jest with this flood? ">


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    1. I had a lovely comment that appeared twice. I tried deleting one and both disappeared. Horrors!

    2. Stuff happens. Have a great day, Jon. You are an awesome blogger and I have to tell you, I print and hand out your blog nearly daily.