Friday, November 4, 2011

The Bedroom Makeover, serene oasis

Shot of the new flooring going in my bedroom.  We ordered flooring from the Armstrong Rustics Premium collection.  It is a commercial grade long plank laminate in the color Boston Tea.  They are seven foot long planks.  I love it.  It has a matte finish so the dog nails won't be as much as an issue.  (If I keep the dogs running around the outside deck, their nails will get filed naturally.)

The wood look laminate was installed over a concrete sub-floor with a barrier.  We did the living room, dining room, hallway and two bedrooms.  The worst part was the hallway with all the little cuts to finesse the long planks into place.  It is a breeze to clean.  We are extremely happy with the color and look of this flooring.

Back story on bedroom remodel.  I sleep in the smallest room in the house.  I have a cpap machine and oxygen assist for medical issues.  For the last 4 years I was sleeping on my Daddy's old mattress that was already 20 years old.  For an overweight woman with fibromyalgia issues, it was pure torture and provided no comfort.  Fred has the master bedroom and the king size bed that is the perfect firmness for him.  He is very happy.  Anyway, since we were so blessed this year, Fred insisted I get a new bed and mattress for my room to see if I could get better sleep.  Off to American Signature Furniture in Pinellas Park, FL.   We chose a bed that has four drawers of storage underneath and a bookcase headboard in an espresso finish.
We picked a wicked comfortable mattress, extra deep.  Now mind you, I am vertically challenged and this is a TALL bed.  I have to use a footstool to climb in each night.   It is like sleeping on a cloud and it has been wonderful for these old bones.

Tall deep drawers!!!
Art from my Polish relatives, Ludmila and her mother.
We found a chest of drawers, MYA collection on sale at American Signature, four deep huge drawers. We bought the accessory drawers that fit on top, all the storage anyone could need.  The flooring installers broke my mdf Walmart special bookcase, so we upgraded to a better piece from Target  in an espresso finish.  I  have the bookcase in front of the 36 inch slider going to the back porch.  It fits perfectly.  Last purchase for the room was a large modern desk from  It fits perfectly under my picture wall of the kids and I couldn't be happier with the looks of the room.  My color scheme is creme/black and taupe.  I have my favorite paintings on one wall, all done by various family members.

The four footed family members love the new bed too.  It is a bit of a challenge for the mouth of the south Skippy to scale the mountain, but she does.  And she burrows under the covers to hide.
Charlie Brown likes the bed too! He looks positively ZEN!

missing the curtains and blinds!
New wall arrangement!
I have re-purposed all the angel items and decorative pieces from our demolished main bath and have added them to my wall over my bed.  It makes me happy to see my favorite pieces in the room.  I'm still in love with the color of the walls, it is Porter Paints, cashmere.   I have my favorite Waverly black and white toile valances, taupe crushed voile curtains, bamboo shades all in all, the room gives me an extremely peaceful feeling.  It is serene and I'm surrounded by the photos and pictures that mean so much to me.  It is a refuge in a chaotic world.

Sounds, thoughts, pleasures and pain, the moments and days of your life, the people you love, will all come and go.  Whatever is born will die and whatever is created will at some point disintegrate.  It is important to find a space in your world that will give you comfort and peace, to rejuvenate and refresh.  Constant strife, pressure and worries, will only exacerbate illness and discomfort.  Creating an oasis to practice the fine art of relaxation is indeed a luxury that few gift themselves.  I'm only just learning to appreciate the necessity of clutter-free living.  It certainly frees the mind to focus on emotional and spiritual issues instead of worrying about the mess and clutter.

There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.  ~Bill Watterson,Calvin and Hobbes

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