Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dööners - Downtown St Petersburg - St Petersburg | Urbanspoon

Dööners - Downtown St Petersburg - St Petersburg | Urbanspoon:

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Was sent a rude email from the Owner of Dooners.  KING KONG said he did not approve of my pictures and please remove them from Urbanspoon.  I have done so, my review still stands, but the pictures are only seen on the blog.  I find his attitude atrocious.  We will not be frequenting this establishment again for such heavy handed treatment of customers.  What a bully.

Post as originally posted yesterday.  We liked the food.  It was good, filling and quick.  I'm not happy now.

Busy day of home remodeling and no kitchen to cook in. Three very hungry people, dilemma.
Solution send kid to Dooner's Downtown St. Pete to grab some take out.

Just over $16.00, we tried a Beef Borek. Suffered a bit in transit, not quite warm when it got home and the flaky pastry toughened a bit. Flavor was delicious and hubby said he would gladly eat one again.

The veggie wrap was declared filling and quite delicious. Daughter liked all the veggies and was thrilled to find lentils and garbanzos in her sandwich, little pops of deliciousness that played off tzatziki sauce delightfully. She could only eat half the sandwich, it was so large.

Loved the lamb/beef schoner on whole wheat naan. ($.50 cents extra). The bread was tender and tasty, the meat was a bit overcooked and hard in spots, maybe too long on the spit. The lettuce, tomato, onion topping was fresh and good. They didn't have any spicy peppers to put on the sandwich but gave us a bit of a delightfully spicy sauce that added a nice punch of flavor to the sandwich. Overall, it was very filling and quite tasty.

Dööners on Urbanspoon

It is a plus they use local suppliers for their produce and goods. Fresh, tasty, clean, filling and economical. Considering the sad state of most fast food, I think Dooner's is a plus for us.


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