Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Honey Do List of the Century!

Freddie and I have been in the back yard and building castles or in this case, a new backyard in the air.   We have plans big plans and so little gumption..time to call in the experts!

    Remodel the pool, first.

Get the hot tub fixed. NOPE, we are going to remove the hot tub. Give to my sister asap. Check!   Lay the bricks behind the bbq stand, fireproof the grounds around the smoker NOPE not done!

  Plant the nonworking fountain with succulents and cacti  (Tina's job) NOPE!  Dig out a horseshoe pit in the side yard !  NOPE!   Build a cornhole game for the kids out of plywood.  NOPE!   Put up the dart board on the covered porch.  NOPE!  level the ground for a Bocce ball space (we have a lot and a half and have a big side yard) NOPE!  Take down the Jolly Green Giant Swing bench that no one can sit on comfortably.
How much is the doggie in the window?  Sing it with me....Can you find the doggie in the picture?

 Remember 'Edith Ann' from Laugh-in in her big rocker with her legs stuck out straight.....well that is our Jolly Green Giant swing....he built the seat so deep, that vertically challenged people like me have their legs sticking straight out....not comfortable.   NOPE. It is still there.  Tina to lay out the container garden with the drip hose. NOPE. And there you have it, the Fred and Tina plan to add some life back into a house that is sorely missing party time.  Liv and her BF are at the beach all the time, playing bocce, darts, cornhole, pool......why not make our home attractive for their friends to come and party.  This house was made for entertaining and we have not done much in 9 years. Well the pool looks good at step at a time. Five days and Pool Care of Tampa Bay rocked it out. LOL See dog longing for a new swimming hole below!



  1. Thanks, they did a great remodeling job. I'm thrilled to pieces. Next the deck refinishing.
    It will be lovely when done.