Saturday, November 19, 2011

Phase Two House Remodel/backyard

New Deck Color

Pool Care of Tampa Bay did an awesome job on the pool. They did it in one week. Totally thoroughly pleased as can be. Dawn, Steve, Mike were a delight to work with and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a pool re-do.
Old Deck Color

As a matter of fact, we hired them to redo our mismatched pool deck. They have fixed the cracks and filed down the rebarb reconnecting the beam to the pool..all part of our initial contract. They have removed the handicapped lift and filed it down. Moved our non-working hot tub to the front yard, which in this neighborhood, it may grow legs and walk away. Everything else has, recycling at it's best. We have settled on a Caribbean Tan for the color to unify the decks.

Fred is going to rescreen our back porch and install tan lattice around the bottom of the screens to deter the dog from bursting through....although truth be known Charlie Brown could barrel through anything. He did drag me across a driveway once. And I'm a big gal.

Going to pressure clean the porch once the deck is done and recoat the pebbletech with a thick coat of polymer. It is supposed to be recoated every four years and it has not been done since the house was built in 1974. It is long long overdue. That should be a reasonable redo for under 200 dollars.

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