Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Love Munch's Bunches!

Munch's Restaurant & Sundries
(727) 896-5972

South St Petersburg
3920 6th St S
St Petersburg, FL 33705
on facebook.com

Had a great breakfast with Hubby and daughter after her metereology class at SPC. I knew we were in for a treat when we saw six of St. Pete Finest parked in the little parking lot. If our LE are eating here, it has to be good. Service was swift and friendly. We shared an order of fried green tomatoes as a starter. Delicious and the crispy non-greasy exterior was wonderful and feather light, the tomatoes were tart and yummy. Field hash was a porky delicious peppery treat, the grits are smooth and yummy.

The chipped beef on toast, creamy salty and utterly wonderful.

Hubby had a fried pork chop and eggs, the same light crispy coating with a juicy thick pork chop filled him up.

Coffee was always refilled with a smile. It was very nice to see the regulars come in and be greeted by name. Those are the special touches one wants to see in a local institution. Funny, how a simple good breakfast filled with chatter will reveal some long held secrets....seems the daughter used to skip class at Lakewood High School and go to Munch's a lot. Always during her psychology course. No wonder she always turned down my invitation to meet me for breakfast...she was afraid the sweet waitresses would blow her secret. Too funny. I can't get mad now, because we now have a lovely breakfast spot to become regulars. Can't wait to try the fried chicken and hubby is looking for that perfect cheeseburger and chocolate shake of his youth.

Definitely recommend cash in hand...have fun looking around at the pictures. Pay attention to the specials on the dry erase, you might miss something wonderful.Munch's Restaurant & Sundries on Urbanspoon

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